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Adroit Mining Services

Adroit Mining Services is a diverse, specialised contract company that prides itself on the fundamentals of contracting. Safety, Quality, Service, Accountability, and Delivery are the corner stones on which the company was founded in 2014.

"Rapidly approaching our 10th year in business while remaining loyal to our founding clients, we've broadened both client and supplier bases alike to continually provide Infrastucture Solutions Australia Wide."

With vast exposure and experience in Surface and Underground mining operations, AMS have proven that experience and safety, coupled with a positive outlook, produces results that are sought after by clients all over Australia.

With over twenty years in and around mining, local and state-wide, AMS offer a seamless and transparent approach to all aspects of the business. From mine site project contracts to workshop fabrication, AMS ensures that all their clients are subject to the professional approach they require and expect.

AMS Management Team

Highly Diverse, some of which are specialists in their respective fields, understand that AMS is a young and exciting business to be involved with and the retention rate of quality personnel is testament to this.

Kane Piggott

Kane has worked in and around mining since his apprenticeship days with WMC in Kambalda. With over 30 Years in the industry he has heavily been involved in surface and underground projects, specifically pertaining to infrastructure installs. Ensuring that his employees and clients are treated with respect consolidates his approach to quality contract mining tasks.

Tammy Piggott
Office Manager

Tammy’s ongoing commitment to AMS sees her push through the emergent world of contracting as the overseer for accounts, reconciliation, and additional client support.

Jade photo.jpg
Jade Hood
Office Administrator

Jade is now at the helm of administration at the AMS office, her accountability, desire to achieve and unmatched work ethos makes her an invaluable asset to the Adroit team.

Michael Guy 
Operations Manager

Mike is into his 8th Year with AMS, his un-interrupted passion to build on the foundations of the business sees him move into our current Operations Manager role with ease. His support of his Management team coupled to the reactive nature of contracting sees astute business decisions made.

Adam Hardman - for website.jpg
Adam Hardman
Projects Coordinator

Well into his second year at AMS sees Adam engaged in a role specifically built around his Trade background, Adam heads up the building infrastructure division and is a welcome change in Management dynamics.

Jason Bernath - for website.jpg
Jason Bernath
Surface Works Manager

Back for round two, Jase has gained a considerable amount of knowledge and experience pushing his own comfort zones for Tier 1 miners since his departure, he has come back to us at a pivotal time in development and the Management team have embraced his return.

Owen is Back.jpg
Owen Bell
Underground Manager

Owen is the client’s choice for dealing with the challenges that underground infrastructure demand, his attention to detail, lateral thinking and acumen are second to none.

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