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To enable AMS to work seamlessly in and around active mining areas we mitigate issues that can arise by:

Delivering an approach to safety with a “Lead By Example” attitude

Providing Policy and Direction for employees in relation to OHS and Conduct issues including:


1. Fitness for work
2. Drug and Alcohol
3. Human Resources
4. Equal Employment Opportunity
5. Workplace Bullying/Harassment
6. Code of Conduct
7. Disciplinary, Confidentiality and Privacy
8. Environmental


• Providing a safe work environment, reducing risks so that we are free from injury or illness and so that we ensure no person is harmed while carrying out their duties.

• Ensuring employees are competent, responsible and accountable for their actions in relation to the performance of their duties, health and safety expectations and treatment of others. • Building and maintaining a favourable employee attitude that will encourage stable employment, good working conditions, work satisfaction and good communications.

• Developing confidence and supporting plans and programs by making company policy and objectives understood.

• Ensuring continuing leadership in the industry bringing new and improved services to an always changing market and establish efficient methods for the application of resources available.

• Following developed procedures for complex tasks and risk management mitigation

• Using of complex and simple JSA/THA, Workplace Inspections and Pre-starts.

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